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Portfolio 5


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Glacier Bowl, near
 Mt. Logan
48" x 48"






Glacier Bowl, near Mt. Logan

A snapshot of this amazing scene was taken from a four seat airplane, where we were taken to the base camp at Mt. Logan for a great lunch in a tent on the glacier.  It was other-worldly and something never to be forgotten.





Kluane Lake / Yukon Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis was common, and uncommonly beautiful, on these Yukon trips.  Nothing quite equals the magic and majesty of this sight, especially amid the Yukon wilderness settings.


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Kluane Lake/Yukon Northern Lights
48" x 60 "



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Kluane Lake, Yukon
40" x 60"




Kluane Lake, Yukon Territories

This stormy scene was not unusual on our trips to the Yukon.  The winds made the lake a sight to behold at times like this, and we enjoyed the stormy days as much as we did the sunny ones.





Boundary Lake, Columbia Ice Fields Area

An artist friend and I followed a forest trail to this beautiful location on a week-long trip to the ice fields.   However, the smell of grizzly was very strong, and although we didn't see a bear, we got out of there as soon as we had taken some snapshots to use in our studios.  This peaceful scene belies the fear we felt.



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 Boundary Lake
Columbia Ice fields Area
 50" x 60"



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From the Top, Observation
Mountain ,Yukon

 48" x 48"




From the Top of Observation Mountain, Yukon Territories

This painting was done from a snapshot taken on a wild, adventurous day when we, the four  "Grizzly Girls", went heli-hiking to the top of Observation Mountain.  After a day of hiking and painting, we planned to make our way down the mountain on foot, but missed the one and only trail.  It was then that we learned our two-way radio was not working.  Ten hours later, traversing extremely rough terrain in our quest to find a way down, we were heli-rescued and brought safely back to our vehicles.  I have a scar on my arm to remember that day, from a bad fall on the rocky creek bed we followed.








The Three Sisters/ Murphy's Law

I painted a Three Sisters series several years ago, using these Canmore icons as a means to express my concerns relating to the shrinking wilderness.  The horizontal lines painted top and bottom in the painting denote a squeezing out of this once pristine environment, which has fallen to development of condos, roads, and all the infrastructure that goes along with urban development.  The sky patterning is meant to suggest the thinking man's brain.  If we want to enjoy this beauty, we must become more aware and volunteer ourselves as caring stewards of the wilderness regions.



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The Three Sisters/Murphy's Law

Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 60" 


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St. Elias Range  II
Yukon  (postcard)
Original painting Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 48"









St. Elias Range II, Yukon

This was the postcard invitation to my exhibition at Art Works Gallery, 225 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC.  This colorful scene was a "drive-by", captured firstly with my camera, while touring through the Yukon on one of my many trips with artist friends.


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