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Kathleen Lake, Yukon
 (Murphy's Law)
40" x 50





Kathleen Lake, Yukon

The stillness of the lake on this day in the Yukon belies the fact that Kathleen Lake is usually a turmoil of waves and wind.  We were fortunate to see it in this glass-like state.







Crescent Falls, Near Aurum Lodge, AB

Yet another unspoiled part of the wilderness in danger of falling to the fate of clear-cut logging.



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Sheep Mountain
Kluane  Lake, Yukon





Sheep Mountain, Kluane Lake, Yukon

This site is at the beach of the Arctic Institute of North America, Mile 1057 on the Alaskan Highway.   We had several grizzly bear scares here while painting quietly and minding our own business.  It was never boring in the Yukon.





Kaskawulsh Glacier / O Canada

We were taken by helicopter to the head of this glazier in the Yukon, and traversed by foot the top of the mountain area where we had landed.   It was both awe-inspiring and a more than a little scary to see this "living" glacier and its potential power.



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Lake Louise
Murphy's Law
32" x 32"






Just Another Painting Of Lake Louise / Murphy's Law

Another beautiful representation of the pristine Canadian wilderness, but with the artist's warning that civilization is closing in.






Kluane Lake (Hale Bop Comet)

This is the centre panel of a three-panel painting, envisioning the Hale Bop Comet over Kluane Lake at night.   I actually saw the comet over McLean Creek in the Bragg Creek area of Alberta, but wanted to paint an artist's version of this wonder of nature as it would have appeared in the Yukon





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Kluane Lake (Hale Bop Comet) 
1of3 panels  30"30"
Total size: 30" x 90"



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St. Elias Range, Yukon
2 panels: each panel 54x72"
Total size:  108" x72"






St. Elias Range, Yukon

This large diptych captures the color and beauty, even from the roadside, in the Yukon Territories.  

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